Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Dental Bridges

If you would like to enhance your smile with a tooth prosthetic, there are numerous options available. Depending on the oral health care needs, and the strength of your jawbone, you may be able to install a permanent replacement that can function as well as natural teeth do. If you would like to forgo a temporary replacement such as dentures... read more »

Keep Your Dental Bridge in Tip-Top Shape by Doing These Things

Even though your dental bridge might seem strong and unbreakable, there are still things you need to do to take care of it. If you don’t keep it in tip-top shape, then there’s a chance the restoration can break, become damaged, or even fall out of place. So, to help you make your dental bridge last for many years, then... read more »

Restoring a Knocked Out Tooth with a Dental Bridge

Each of the teeth in your mouth is anchored into the socket by a series of periodontal ligaments. While this holds the tooth securely in place for common activities like chewing food, there are times when a blow to the face or an accidental hard fall can actually knock one of your teeth out. In a few rare cases, the... read more »