Root Canal Therapy: What You Should Know

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Would you be surprised to learn that there are several different steps you should take in order to keep your teeth strong and healthy? Similarly, would you be surprised to hear that getting a root canal is one step you should consider? For instance, if you don’t get root canal therapy for a tooth that has an infected root, extensive decay, or that has experienced trauma, the damaged tooth could eventually die. If that happens, your only solution will be extracting the tooth and having it replaced. Luckily, root canal therapy has come a long way recently.

Have you heard that dental instruments have greatly improved? These new tools are more flexible, precise, and thinner than they have ever been before. In other words, our team will be able to perform your procedure more accurately and comfortably. X-Ray imaging has also improved. This is important because our dentist will be able to see if your tooth has been cleaned thoroughly. These improved dental instruments should also help your stay be more comfortable during your treatment.

Still, even though root canal therapy can be an important procedure, preventing the need for this treatment is definitely preferable. You can typically do so by brushing and flossing your pearly whites at home—though we also recommend setting up regular appointments with us. Generally, we suggest scheduling appointments twice a year.

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