Oral Health Care Fundamentals: Chewing Gum

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During the holiday season, many individuals often end up consuming excessive amounts of sugar and other enamel-eating substances. Due to the sensitivity your teeth will feel, it is not recommended to brush your teeth after eating. Many forms of toothpaste can be overly abrasive, and you can actually end up doing more harm to your teeth. As an alternative, consider chewing sugarless gum.

Chewing gum is exceptionally helpful in the prevention of cavities. Numerous studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for a period of time approximately 20 minutes after a meal can help produce saliva and prevent cavities. Saliva production is extremely important, as it can neutralize harmful acids, wash away food particles, and can help provide disease-fighting substances to your mouth.

Chewing gum has also been proven to be highly effective in treating and preventing heartburn. Heartburn refers to an oral health condition in which harmful stomach acids travel up into your mouth and cause dental erosion. Always make sure that when chewing gum, you don’t have any jaw pain or other similar pain that could be exacerbated by chewing gum.

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