Invisalign®: Straightening Your Smile

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Are you trying to find a way to straighten your smile? Do traditional braces not appeal to you, or are you looking for a more discreet option? If so, Invisalign® may be a great way to assist you in achieving the smile that you desire. They can gently move your teeth without using wires or brackets and may be practically invisible as they go nearly up to your gum line.

Being practically invisible, Invisalign could be a better option if you are not comfortable with the idea of highly visible traditional braces. These aligners are created from a flexible plastic that is made exclusively for them.

People might prefer Invisalign because they can easily be removed to eat, drink, brush or floss. As a result, you might not have the dietary restrictions during your treatment that usually accompany traditional braces. The aligners could be removed every so often for special occasions.

Because these aligners do not utilize brackets and wires, they are not present to irritate your mouth and you could have fewer unplanned trips to our office. If you are considering getting braces, you can talk to our dentist to see if Invisalign could work for you.

If want additional information about Invisalign and live near Payson, Utah, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin J. Reece by calling 801-465-4474. We would be thrilled to help you obtain a straighter smile at Kevin J. Reece, DDS!