Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Dental Bridges

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If you would like to enhance your smile with a tooth prosthetic, there are numerous options available. Depending on the oral health care needs, and the strength of your jawbone, you may be able to install a permanent replacement that can function as well as natural teeth do. If you would like to forgo a temporary replacement such as dentures and decide to go with a fixed partial denture such as dental bridges, contact our team today.

Dental bridges are common and come in different types, such as cantilever bridges, resin-bonded or adhesive bridges, as well as conventional dental bridges. When it comes to standing up for your oral health care needs, it is important to speak with your dentist about your tooth replacement treatments and which services are best for your smile. Not only do you need to consider your oral health care needs, but the improvements that they can provide for the look of your smile as well.

Numerous hindrances involved with missing teeth are linked to social stigmas that can severely hinder your lifestyle. However, dental bridges can reverse these issues and give yourself a complete smile once again. In addition, dental bridges can help improve your oral health and reverse any conditions that may arise due to missing or lost teeth. This includes helping stop tooth slippage and preventing tooth decay that arises due to plaque buildup in the missing gaps.

Because dental bridges are permanent treatments, they can be submitted directly onto nearby our neighboring teeth for a solid hold that will restore numerous functions that may have been lost due to missing teeth. This includes restoring abilities to eat and chew properly, and it can even modify speech if any impediments have arisen. In addition, if you have suffered any chewing ability issues associated with missing teeth, dental bridges can be of assistance.

Skyrocket to the top of the oral health care ladder with dental bridge replacements. Make sure to take diligent care of your dental bridge replacements, so that your smile can last for ages. For more information about dental bridge replacements, or to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. Kevin J. Reece and our team at Kevin J. Reece, DDS, give us a call at 801-465-4474. Our dentist office is located in Payson, Utah.