Dentures and their Benefits

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Did you know that dentures can replace all forms of tooth loss, whether it is small or great? Dentures can give you a glowing smile. Here are some more of their benefits:

– Dentures have two varieties: partial dentures for just a few teeth or complete dentures, which replace entire rows of teeth.
– Dentures can reinstate lost or impaired functions often associated with missing teeth, including speaking, eating, and chewing meals.
– Dentures can fully restore the lost facial structure that occurs when your mouth is missing teeth.
– Dentures are the only form of tooth replacement treatment that is effortlessly removable to ensure a simple clean at the end of the day.
– Any void in your mouth that is left behind by missing teeth can weaken your gums as well as promote tooth decay and gum disease. Dentures prevent these dangers from coming true.
– Dentures can make you appear much younger and healthier with a lovely full face and a beautiful set of natural looking pearly-whites.

Whichever tooth replacement option you may choose, Dr. Kevin J. Reece and our team here at Kevin J. Reece, DDS in our dentist office in Payson, Utah are will provide you the tooth replacement service you require. We can be reached at 801-465-4474. Our dental superheroes are here to help!