Caring for aging teeth requires extra care and prevention. Let us come up with a plan for you. Growing older can be very complicated when it comes to your teeth. Old fillings wear down, crowns wear out, and medicine dries out our mouths, causing decay. Long-term planning and diligent preventive care are more critical now.

Caring for and replacing your dental restorations is essential for your dental health. Teeth with old fillings that are wearing down can easily get tooth decay. The inside of the tooth is not properly protected by the filling that is wearing out. When a crown wears out, your tooth will not be protected and your bite may be negatively affected. This can make it harder to eat properly and may cause jaw pain. Dr. Kevin J. Reece can replace your dental restorations when needed to keep your mouth healthy.

Dry mouth is often a side effect of prescription and nonprescription drugs. The following are symptoms of dry mouth:

  • Dry, sticky feeling in the mouth
  • Frequent thirst
  • Sores in the mouth or at the corners of the mouth
  • Cracked lips
  • Dryness in the throat
  • A burning sensation on the tongue
  • A dry, raw tongue
  • Issues with speaking, tasting, chewing, and swallowing
  • Bad breath
  • Hoarseness

Dry mouth is an issue because it raises your risk of gingivitis, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

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